Big Baby Trump Inflatable Costume

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Do yOu knOW WHat It TAkES To Make America Great AGAIn

ThRoW a ChildIsh TAntRuM In ouR ComicaL BIG Baby Trump Inflatable Costume

ThiS anGry Orange Baby wIth a CariCaturE Of President Donald TrumpS SuLky Face iS GuarAntEED To raisE a LauGh And CaUse soMe ControVErsy WhereVEr you Go.

WhiLe you throw Your Toys Out The PraM, wear this Funny InFLataBLe Costume at Festivals, Halloween, DArts, Stag ParTies, anD mOre. 

It’s Unique, attentiOnSeeKing, and Lots oF Fun.

IncluDes: InFLataBle JUMPSUIT wIth BattEry oPeRated Fan, Mask, BOnNet

EXCluDes: Batteries, Bottle, Slippers