Find support services 2020-21

The project that signposts residents, health professionals and frontline staff to help in the local voluntary and community sector.

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Bridging the digital skills divide 2020-21

The project that kicked off in lockdown and helps residents become less digitally isolated and staff and local organisations move services online.

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Re-engineering Hackney content weeknotes – 2018-19

The project that migrated the Hackney website to a new platform and also spun out a reusable WordPress theme and reusable map template.

This image is the information architecture of http://www.hackney.gov.uk as seen in Lego.

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Building a CRM for Housing weeknotes – 2018

The project that replaced Excel spreadsheets with a browser-based tool to record tenant calls & rent payments, and generate reports from the data.

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Introducing product thinking

A look at how we can start introducing more of a product-centred approach to how we deliver services at Hackney Council.

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