Re-engineering Hackney Content weeknotes 08/04/20

On Wednesday, our developer Mo came back for a well-earned rest after his intensive wedding duties in South Africa. He’s since been busy building the ability to link pages and assets within the site, which will make content population much easier. You’d think this feature would be out-of-the-box but we’re finding some curious omissions on theContinue reading “Re-engineering Hackney Content weeknotes 08/04/20”

Re-engineering Hackney content weeknotes 14/01/20

This project continues to throw up a multitude of potential avenues to explore. As part of the DevOps trio of projects at the end of last year (excellently DM-d by Felix Tomlinson), we cleared a load of outstanding bugs that had been, well, bugging us. Plus, the proto-support process that evolved out of the DevOps experimentContinue reading “Re-engineering Hackney content weeknotes 14/01/20”

Re-engineering Hackney content weeknotes 14/09/19

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, as it always is when you come back from holiday. We presented a second iteration of Carolina Gaspari’s homepage to Ben Knowles, which incorporated feedback from the wider Comms team and included four versions of the main promo area. Jennifer Riley and Hannah Saunders from the Intranet projectContinue reading “Re-engineering Hackney content weeknotes 14/09/19”

Re-engineering Hackney content weeknotes 29/07/19

Sometimes you need to go a bit [cover your ears, children] Waterfall. We’ve unfinished business on the project and the best way to organise it might just be an old-fashioned schedule: Navigation and redirectsSecurityLeft hand navigationHomepageImage blockSearchAccessibility testingEnd to end testing and bug-fixing Quite a list. However, work has already started on each one andContinue reading “Re-engineering Hackney content weeknotes 29/07/19”

Re-engineering Hackney Content weeknotes 15/07/19

The content population is complete! We only have left those pages that may warrant a different template from the standard, such as Contact Us or Leaving Care. And the Homepage. On that note, Joanne Moore kick-started a discussion with us about how we can best include Search on the homepage; which led to us thinking more deeplyContinue reading “Re-engineering Hackney Content weeknotes 15/07/19”