Re-engineering Hackney Content weeknotes 15/07/19

The content population is complete! We only have left those pages that may warrant a different template from the standard, such as Contact Us or Leaving Care. And the Homepage. On that note,¬†Joanne Moore¬†kick-started a discussion with us about how we can best include Search on the homepage; which led to us thinking more deeplyContinue reading “Re-engineering Hackney Content weeknotes 15/07/19”

Hiring contractors? You need to know about IR35 03/04/2019

You’re likely aware that the age of the contractor is coming to a close. The public sector has been required to treat contractors as employees since 2017, except in unusual circumstances. The same is coming to the private sector next year. In our industry, this is big news as tech companies have lived, thrived andContinue reading “Hiring contractors? You need to know about IR35 03/04/2019”

Resourcing resourcing resourcing 21/09/18

My two projects are both being delivered in-house (ie without external agencies) and are about to reach critical milestones. The Neighbourhoods CRM project is in full swing and we are looking towards launch. The Minimum Viable Product for this project covers calls about Rent only, however, the NCC also deals with anti-social behaviour, leaseholder queries,Continue reading “Resourcing resourcing resourcing 21/09/18”

Digitising the grievance process weeknotes 14/09/18

Our big event this week was sharing our prototype with the head of HR and his team. Thanks to Will, we had some lovely clickable wireframes that did a great job in showing how the website will look, feel and function. Proving that you really do need to fake-it-to-make-it when it comes to interfaces.  Next week, Wing will beContinue reading “Digitising the grievance process weeknotes 14/09/18”