Re-Engineering Hackney Content weeknotes 29/04/20

Hackney has a vast number of pdfs across its website and we spent time last week reviewing our options of where to put them. In an ideal world, this content would be in HTML and searchable and we will work with services to advise on this approach going forward. In the meantime, we still need to host them somewhere. 

Contentful has a very clunky way of categorising content that is not particularly user-friendly and, at some point, costs may be incurred. Google Drive, on the other hand, allows categorisation ad infinitum and has a significantly easier way of uploading content. It’s also a step closer to encouraging services to create documents in Google Docs instead of PDFs; which, in turn, is a step closer to HTML. We’ll be looking closer this week at this option. 

Working our way through Libraries, Archives and Culture has highlighted the fact that we pretty much need to design the entire site before we can launch any section. That means site-wide and page announcements, accordions, anchor links, newsletter sign-ups, contact blocks, iFrames for slideshows and videos, style sheets… all in desktop and mobile. The only design component that doesn’t feature in this section is tables, whose absence is not going to save us a whole heap of time. 

For this reason, we’re not anticipating being able to launch the first section until the end of May.

Helping us with content population this week are Boo and Neelam from Skinners’ Academy. They are here on a work experience placement and, lest they fear the digital industry is all about copy and paste, they will be chatting through design, development, user research and delivery opps with +Carolina Gaspari, +Mohamed Mulla, +Wingwo Kwai and +Philippa Newis as well. 

Following our belief that we can get the site down to a four-tier hierarchy, I won’t tell you how long I spent this weekend creating a Lego model of Hackneyville. This recreates the site-map of the existing website in glorious 3D Technicolor and highlights the towering scale of the regeneration ahead.

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