Re-engineering Hackney Content weeknotes 08/04/20

On Wednesday, our developer Mo came back for a well-earned rest after his intensive wedding duties in South Africa. He’s since been busy building the ability to link pages and assets within the site, which will make content population much easier. You’d think this feature would be out-of-the-box but we’re finding some curious omissions on the Contentful spec. 

We’ve also had a number of discussions around breadcrumbs. Should it be Hansel-style and show where you’ve been; or demonstrate instead where the page is within the hierarchy? After user-testing, it seems nobody uses them anyway except to click back to Home. So we’re going with Home/Service only. That way, users may be tempted to revisit the relevant service rather than starting back from Home with every browse.

We were very sociable this week. Carolina and I took ourselves off to GDS for a visit to the Empathy Lab where we learnt how different users access websites. Their goggle box let us experience different sight problems first-hand, their persona profiles emulated how a dyslexic person sees words on a page and their screen readers told us page content in varying intonations of cyberspeak. Gillian Newman is looking to set up a mini version here at HackIT so we can test more readily ourselves. This is a really important aspect of this project because we suspect those not currently accessing information via the website may be unable rather than unwilling.

We also invited Essex County Council to visit us as they are also using Contentful to relaunch their website. It was a really interesting and useful couple of hours and we’ll definitely be adding Helen West and her team to our Christmas card list. It was particularly good to learn that they have used Cludo as their search engine and we can follow in their footsteps when we implement search.

Finally, our next Show & Tell is this Thursday 3.00 – 3.45pm.

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