Re-engineering Hackney Content weeknotes 15/07/19

The content population is complete! We only have left those pages that may warrant a different template from the standard, such as Contact Us or Leaving Care. And the Homepage.

On that note, Joanne Moore kick-started a discussion with us about how we can best include Search on the homepage; which led to us thinking more deeply about the homepage’s raison d’etre. 

Looking at the ‘competition’, there’s been a trend in recent years for councils to simply list their services on the homepage, with a few quick links to specific tasks. This does tend to give the impression that all the council does is take money off us for parking fines and council tax. It certainly doesn’t leave anyone with a warm fuzzy feeling about all the other things the council does. Yes, we all want to be in and out quickly when paying rent; but we’d also like to know Hackney Pride is polishing its rainbows in readiness for the parade or that free bike checks are on offer in London Fields. So we’re looking at how we can meet both needs. 

Meanwhile, Wing has been researching the family tree for the menu. Some pages are parents, some are children, some are parents and children, some are grandparents, some are confirmed bachelors. We need to cater for all options in one list as well as sort out a mechanism to order the items. Our minimum will be manual ordering but we hope to move to drag and drop in the longer run. 

An added complication is how to ensure landing page urls (eg /housing) – ubiquitous in leaflets and mousemat giveaways – have a place to call home. We’re endeavouring to design something revolutionary involving the menu, it’ll either crash-and-burn or win us a Webby. 

We met with a couple of Housing teams this week to discuss metrics and how we can help them move forward with their digital services. Hotjar really will be a goldmine for this as end users love telling us how we can do better. We’ve got a list going of all the lovely teams with a pioneering spirit; and of all the lovely things that could be sprinkled with digital fairy dust once the move to WordPress is complete. 

I enjoyed a course at the GLA yesterday to help us get off the blocks with Google Data Studio. It’s given me enough to move forward; and I can spend a few evenings next week watching metrics tutorials instead of Pose. And the Category is… Working Mother in Lounging Pyjamas at 2am Trying to Connect to WiFi.

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