Neighbourhood CRM weeknotes 09/11/18

We’ve been prepping for our local government service assessment on Monday and it’s been a hectic couple of days. We’re going a bit off piste with our structure compared to other teams’ efforts and it could go either way, frankly. 

There are 15 standards in the assessment and we have to provide evidence as to how we’ve met them. Our first move has been to use a Google site as a repository for information instead of a document. We set up the site way back when and it’s been a useful tool to date, particularly when onboarding new members. So we thought we’d beef up its content and repurpose for our assessment. 

In conjunction, we’ve produced a Trello board of the standards. Evidence of how we’ve met each standard is on the website so all we’ve had to do is link Trello back to the relevant part of the site. We’ll be using the board in the assessment so all our assessors’ recommendations and conclusions will be stored in this one place too. 

It’s been a slog (thanks for the caffeine hit, Philippa Newis) but we’ve finally got there. The website is probably no more work than creating a document to be honest; and at least it won’t be retired and filed on a team drive for eternity afterwards. Now we have it, we can HackIT, tweet it and InstaFace the heck out of it.

To demonstrate the new service to assessors, we went all luvvie yesterday and recorded a role-play of callers ringing the neighbourhood office. Will’s going to be channelling Spielberg all weekend with some tight editing. Will Sachin Shetty end up on the cutting room floor? No!

In other news, we’re just waiting on security sign-off for the Privacy Impact Assessment. Turned out to be easier than we thought as we’re not really gathering new data or reusing old, just implementing new tech. Thanks for that godsend in a busy week.

Sprint 7 lived its best life and but now we’ve said adios, and bonjoured our way into Sprint 8. This is a one-weeker to cover off the export of data to Qlik and to finish off our PDF stories. With two days out for the assessment, it’s going to be tight to complete by Tuesday. We’ve allowed a full week for end-to-end testing and tidying up before launch so, if we speak nicely to Jira, maybe we can get an extension. 

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