Digitising the grievance process weeknotes 14/09/18

Our big event this week was sharing our prototype with the head of HR and his team. Thanks to Will, we had some lovely clickable wireframes that did a great job in showing how the website will look, feel and function. Proving that you really do need to fake-it-to-make-it when it comes to interfaces. 

Next week, Wing will be testing the Complainant journey on those wires with some Housing colleagues that Jasmeen Sangha signed up for us. We know that Lucy Clifton is out there drumming up recruits too. Cheers!

Dan’s also invited us along to his regular union meeting in a couple of weeks so we’ll be able to demo the wires to the reps and get their valuable feedback. 

We’ve finally put to bed the battle between informal and formal grievances. If it’s a grievance, it’s formal. Anything else is normal line management. So, informal grievance, put on a suit or be off with you. 

As prototyping is about two thirds complete, we need to start thinking about who is going to build this thing… 

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